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One humbled Bat

I am so blown away and humbled at what happened this Sunday.

The weekend before, I wasn’t able to make it to FC because of my inability to leave the Smith Ranch Care Center from my motorcycle accident. That whole weekend I was in a blue funk, thinking of how I was missing my friends and how I felt really alone. A few good friends gave me a call from the con to wish me well, which did help my blue mood, but still I felt very alone.

Close to the end of last week, Super Jayhawk perked me up a little by telling me that a few friends would be coming by and seeing me on Sunday. That helped brighten me up with anticipation at a few friends jabbering and talking with me, so I waited with quiet excitement till Sunday.

With what happened on Sunday, I was emotionally blown away. Literally 30 or so friends showed up to bring a peace of the FC con, ((as a present)), to me. I was beyond touched at all the hugs and story sharing about what happened at FC. Also, some one set up one computer to display pictures taken at FC, while another computer showed some of the high lights of Furry Night Live. Heck, I even had two characters, Gadive (the skunk) and Cherrrrnobul( the Raccoon) {<--Forgive my Spelling butchery}, come by to hug and tease me. I was so emotionally lifted. I used all my will to keep from tearing up until everyone left.

{{{Not to bad for the first ((NON))-annual Terraluna CON }}} :)

Later that night, I sat up in my bed, tearing at how special my friends treated me, and in showing how I truly wasn’t forgotten or alone. I truly feel I am the luckiest Bat in the whole world. I am truly humbled.

Thank you all.
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