War Horse on Stage.

Hay out there,

It has been a bit of time since I have RARed at my friends, and this feels like a good time to start again.

Last Friday on Aug 24th, I got to see a stage performance that truly blew me away. I got to see the live performance of War Horse. I just herd that War Horse was coming to San Francisco, so on Thursday I jumped onto the internet to buy tickets. The ticket gods were smiling upon me, so I was able to get three seats in the 9th row and center the stage. Could not have gotten better seats.

Warhorse 1

I first herd of the live stage performance of War Horse through a TED Talk with the horse puppet makers. As can be checked out by clicking below:


When I Saw Joe (the main horse, puppet character) doing his thing on the TED Talk Stage, I knew I wanted to see this stage performance. Well I was just plain !!BLOWN AWAY!!

Warhorse 2

The acting was well rehearsed, smooth and believable. The layout of the stage with a long and irregular looking cloud (movie screen) above the stage, where drawings that depicted what was going on in the story along with extension of the stage scene. There were two male singers who would wonder out in the stage and intermingle in the scene with their Celtic singing of the motion and emotion of the performance.

let us not forget Joey the War Horse, with his house brethren, along with his and their puppeteers. The puppeteers, dressed in horse handlers cloths of the 1900s, did the most amazing job of hiding in plain sight. They were apart of the scene just as air around us. I could only hope to perform half as well.

Joey and his buddy

I have grown up around horses. I even owned a horse named Boots, who was a cross between an American work horse and a Clydesdale. You could imagine, he was BIG. I can honestly say, that the puppeteers caught the essence of the horse and brought this jumble of wood, string , and leather to life as a living, breathing, creature.

Little Joey

Of one scene, the little colt Joe was prancing with his farm hands helping him around the stage, from the back of the stage, he turns to run towards the audience, when all of a sudden, this massive large light from behind joey momentarily blinds the audience. Out of the light comes this magnificent beast of full grown Joey, leaping towards the front of the stage. I herd every one in the audience, with me included, gasp in amazement. VERY VERY COOL.
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A Really Bummed Dragon

Last night, San Francisco was alight with gongs, firecrackers,and dragon RARing from the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade (Year of the Dragon). The dragon Feng Shui Long(Me), with the dragon Fu Ming Long( foofers ), and the bunny (representing the previous year) Twilight( yippee ) were personally invited by the actual head person of the parade to RAR and basically bug 100,000 plus people. At the vanguard of the parade no less.

This was Not Going to happen :(

I, along with foofers got a nasty bug which killed all of our plans.

I Really... Really wanted to get into this parade, Especially on the year of the dragon. It would have been an amazing honer to perform in the oldest Chinese Parades in the world, not to mention one of the largest Chinese parades outside of China. Especially being an Asion Dragon.

Over the years, I have helped by being first or second in command in many parades with the Critters by the Bay. I have put a lot of time helping make the parades enjoyable for the performers as, hopefully, also for the handlers,and not forgetting the audience. I guess I was hoping this would be my time to RAR at the crowds. But for not.

I am realizing that when you get sick, you have no choice nor control at when and where. It's just upsetting for me, just the same.

Thanks for listening to my rant.

Never the less: Kung Hei Fat Choi
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European Plague for my birthday

Flying back from business in Germany (Last Saturday) I was shoved up right next to this guy who looked the poster boy for a middle age plague victim. He was coiffing, sweating, oozing from his reddened eyes, while once in a while going into slight body convolutions. And I'm nearly sitting in his lap for 12 hours on this plain flight.

Well I Got what ever he had. On Monday and Tuesday(My Birthday) I slid into this +101 Degree Hell flu with the flu shivers and every part of my body in pain. At Times, I was in so much pain, I could barely see to pee.

Next, on Wednesday, my throat was on fire. I can't remember this much pain in my life.
*I wonder if baby dragons run into this kind of pain when they are learning to breath fire and forget to not inhale.*

Today, the body temperature dropped to a low joint aking level, with the throat less painful, but I spent the first part of the day tossing my cookies, then the rest of the day farting fire in the form of diarrhea.

The only thing missing is the black pustule's on the skin, then I would have to say I have the black plague. :P

I have been going to my doctor and he's he gave me some heavy duty drugs to attack this nasty bug. He told me to stay home so I don't get anyone else sick. He also said, SLEEP.

You see, on my birthday last year,I got to be a dragon (Kingsford) at a little Scottish Ren fair. I guess this years birthday, I get to be a Dark Ages Plague Victim. :(

---- NOT FUN----
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!!RARing!! At the San Francisco Chinese New Years Parade Fest 2011

Hay out there, I know It has been a bit of time I have RARed at you in LJ. I hope to make it up.

I had a real blast this week RARing it up at San Francisco Chinatown New Years Parade, festival --Dragon Style-- :)

This whole week, the clouds of rain has been dumping like mad,threatening our fun. On Sunday, the rain gods smiled upon us and let us play with a beautiful sunny California day. The old dragon Feng Shui Long (me) along with Fu-Ming Long ( foofers ) and the old dragon's handler extraordinare and translator (Ursa Polaris) blasted the people with tones of smiles.

As always Chinatown was insanely packed, lively, and of course, fun. The dragons took turns, going out and RARing at the crouds. You could hardly walk more than one step without people wanting to get pistures with the dragons. As for handling, there wasn't a bit of trouble with the crowds, they just seem to eat it up.

Here are a few pictures. Hope you like them.

The Old Dragon Feng Shui Long:

The Old Dragon Posing for ladies:

His Buddy the younger Fu-Ming Long:

Fu-Ming and his !!RARing!!

The Old Dragon's Fearless Handler and Translator (Ursa Polaris):

I am officially on a Patent

WOW, now I can be considered an actually Design Engineer. I am on my first Patent (US 7671576). I was totally excited when our lawyer brought in the Official (put in in a fire proof cabinet) copy of the patent. Our lawyer was surprised in how fast this patent went through. Fine by me.

Me, the patent, and the Scorpion (AC Detector):

The PDF of the Actual Patent:

I see Weasels in 3D :o

I was checking out a few of the pictures from the San Jose Christmases Parade this year. I found 2 pictures of iamweasel_2112 taken in quick order, as the photographer walked by. A really neat 3D effect happens when you look at the pictures cross eyed.

To do this, look at the two pictures. Then slowly cross your eyes until you see a 3rd picture appear in the middle. I've done this by putting my finger on the screen between the two original pictures, then slowly pull my finger towards me. Keep pulling the finger towards you until you notice in the background, the 3rd picture in the middle coming together. Stop when iamweasel_2112's nose is in one piece. remove your finger while focusing on the nose for a little bit of time, then slowly start exploring the 3rd middle picture.

The pictures aren't perfect, but the effect is cool. Have fun.


Finally Terraluna the Bat Flys

In October 2, 2006, I had a major motorcycle accident which almost took my life. I broke both my arms in many locations, my right leg, and many ribs. Because of that horrible accident, I didn't have the strength to perform in Terraluna. I didn't have the strength in my arms to hold up his wings, let alone perform with them.

FC 2010 was the first time since that terrible accident that I finally got to play terraluna in all his glory.

I felt like I could fly. =D

My shoulder is still hurting from the flapping around FC, but I wouldn't have given it up for the world.

I wanted to Thank all of those people who didn't give up on me, and kept prodding me to keep pushing.

THANKS **Big Bat Wing Hug**

An interesting side note, Terraluna will be 10 years old. Not too bad for an old bat. :)

p.s. Thanks U-Gore for the pictures.


Hay out there,

I can't believe it, I officially can pay property tax to the State of California. :) At 12:30 pm, the state of California told the escrow people, that the I am the owner of a house.
Like 80% of the people I know, I use to be a renter, but now I am an owner with all the rights and privilege, and pipe bursting, and roof leaking, and all the other headaches. I am sooooo excited.

RAR at you later :)


Last Weeks RARing good time


This week Kingsford was invited to this teeny tiny but big hearted renaissance fair called the Scottish Renaissance's fair in the hills of Santa Cruse. With the help of the fearless dragon sitter extraordinare, Helvetica foofers, who kept the kids form eating the dragon.

Kingsford had a blast in a half, eating peoples hats, whacking knights and man at arms, with his tail when he walked by (by accident of course). He even made ladies go into full giggle mode when the he would steal them away from their partners.

Heck, Kingsford even got a kiss on the nose from Mairy Queen of Scots.

Kingsford did tell me that he helvetica was a poop head when Kingsford wasn't allowed to steal this candy apple chopped up in wiping cream and M&Ms in a bowl, from this little girl. Also how he made Kingsford take naps.

{{Momma dragon thanks you helvetica.}} :)
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Bathroom Stage Fright

Unless you are one of those brave souls who can just pull down your pants in front of God and Country, and pitch one off ( or a bum on Market Street in San Francisco), I would think a person would have a heck of a time using one of these public toilets.

The irony is, of all the wild and crazy places in the world, these public toilets are located in Texas.

You got to love irony. :)

The outside of the Toilet:

The inside of the Toilet:
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